Nova Launcher Prime – King of All Android Launchers!

Nova Launcher Prime has been one of the oldest apps, we are not only mentioning Launchers – on Google Play Store. In fact, It can rightly be considered to be one of the first apps that went paid. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, There have been umpteen number changes observed in the Android ecosystem – but Nova Launcher, and Nova Launcher Prime, its paid counterpart has stayed one of the top apps for Android. That proves the popularity and functionality of the app.

Nova Launcher Prime – A Part By Part Study

nova launcher prime

Launcher apps have always been one of the most searched items on the app stores. Among them, Nova launcher assumes a place of high esteem – thanks to its high degree of customization and the t=fact that it lets you backup your settings and restore it on another device.

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The Looks

This is where it excels to the core and no wonder why it has become the top launcher for Android. It lets you make your phone look and feel how you would like it to rather than having to settle down for something someone else has designed for you. Micromanagement is the name of the game here and Nova succeeds in it to the core.

Gesture Support

This is another area that Nova Launcher makes itself conspicuous with its features. It does support almost all gestures. Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Double Tap, Pinches – there is a host of gestures that can be configured to work with different actions. No matter whether you are a power user or a novice – you would definitely love the experience that Nova launcher offers you.

Configure Your App Drawer

The success of a launcher depends upon the way it can handle the app drawer. Nova Launcher lets you configure your app drawer based on your usage style. You can group and sort the apps based on the usage style you may have. You can hide the app icons that you do not use. This includes the bloatware that cannot be uninstalled or the apps that have no active usage but are needed. Hiding them would help you reduce the clutter which otherwise stares into your face.

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Backup and Restore

When you are using the launcher on your Android for the first time, it will ask you if you want to back up the settings. That will make it easy to restore the settings on another Android when you get one. This is a feature that we loved the most. More so, for those who have the habit of changing their phones quite often. This will help you have the same look and interface on all your devices irrespective of the manufacturer, model or Android version. The backups are restored either from the local storage or from the cloud.

The Themes

nova launcher prime

The theme is a feature that brings yet another new aspect to the Nova Launcher. You can use a couple of themes to change the look completely. In fact, you also have access to a host of themes available on Play Store or other app stores. It is not without anything that Nova Launcher is referred to as the thematic launcher.

Where Can You Get The Nova Launcher From?

Well, the app is available on almost all app stores. That includes Google Play Store – the official app store for Android – and on other alternative app stores as well. You can opt for the free version of the Nova launcher or go for the premium version which is labeled as Nova Launcher Prime.

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You may also download it from TuTu Helper, which incidentally is the best in class third-party Android app store in recent times. TuTu Helper, or TuTu App as it was known before being renamed to TuTu Helper, is indeed a one-stop solution for all your requirements in Android apps. The app store is also available for iOS if you are interested.

The Concluding Thoughts

Nova Launcher Prime is indeed the best and simple launcher that doubles up as the best launcher in the world. And we promise that we do not want to sound exaggerating. The launcher is indeed meant for those who want their phone to look just the way they want it to look like. If you are someone like us, you will definitely love it more than anything else.

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Have you used Nova Launcher Prime or even the non-Prime version? If you have, do share your opinions and what you liked about the launcher.

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